Coyote is the trickster. He is wild, unpredictable, the outlaw. He is the shadow in the woods. He is the root that trips even the mightiest of wolves the run. Coyote's howl pierces the Moon and calls Her down to dance. He is a great warrior, a master of deception and skullduggery. He teaches his Children his soft-pawed stealth, both wilderness and street cunning, and the ways of survival. He always has the ability to find his Pack, wherever they are. However, the Garou do not see him as an especially wise Totem. Packs of Coyote never receive even a deserved reputation for wisdom and are continually being blamed for problems and troubles that come up, whether or not they are at fault. Coyote is quite a powerful Totem to have, but very difficult. Boredom, however, will never be a problem for the Pack.

Totem ban: Coyote does not limit his Children.

  • +3 to Stealth dice pools.
  • +1 to Survival dice pools.
  • +3 to Streetwise dice pools.
  • +1 to Subterfuge dice pools.
  • Totem spirit can always find pack wherever they are; power does not have to be purchased.
  • Subtract one from any temporary Wisdom gains.
Totems of the Garou
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