Totem of Cunning Background Cost: 6

Coyote is the trickster. Wild, unpredictable, the outlaw. He is the shadow in the woods. He is the root that trips even the mightiest of wolves. He is a cunning warrior and a master of deception and skullduggery, and a survivor. However, the Garou do not see him as an especially wise Totem. Packs of Coyote never receive even a deserved reputation for wisdom and are continually being blamed for problems and troubles that come up, whether or not they are at fault. Coyote is quite a powerful Totem to have, if somewhat difficult. Boredom, however, will never be a problem for the Pack.


  • Coyote protects his followers by occasionally inflicting mischief upon those who oppose or might do harm to them. This mischief manifests as a comedic failure (typically involving slapstick or embarrassment) for one single roll that would have otherwise succeeded. This boon is used at a GM's discretion and may only be used a maximum of once per lunar cycle.
  • The better to achieve these ends, Coyote's children are much quieter and stealthier when in service of a prank, trickery, or secretive endeavor.
  • Much like their patron, his children can adapt into most any terrain, though they won't necessarily /enjoy/ it very much, particularly at first, and they may arouse native suspicion; animals will react to them with great wariness, since they're unfamiliar predators. (Damage taken from weather/terrain is reduced, to either non-agg if it was agg, or halved if it was non-agg; nearby animals are unsettled and restive; Smell of Man will not help, sadly.))
  • They are somewhat better than most Garou at talking their way out of difficult situations when in trouble. (+1 to manip/persuasive type rolls.)


  • In order to "recharge" Coyote's boon, they must play a substantial prank upon someone or some group once per moon cycle.
  • Coyote also does not take rejection well and will frequently inflict mischief for 2-3 moon cycles per rank of those who leave or abandon his pack.
  • Among the Garou, they will often be blamed for things they never had a thing to do with, so they'll often need those smooth-talking skills.
  • The Garou perceive his followers as neither Wise nor Honorable, and Coyote is not very popular with traditionally minded and higher-ranked Garou.

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