Totem of War Background Cost: 4

Cougar roams across North America, raging at the loss of her children to the Wyrm-Comers. She is a lonely spirit, agile and fierce, with wide ranging territories. Those packs who have taken her as a totem usually have few members, and are often solitary compared to other Garou. Oddly enough, they are also less territorial, willing to share the same running space as long as they are left to themselves. Originally most often associated with the Wendigo tribe, she is now better known among the Uktena, particularly warrior Uktena who eschew their mystical sides in favor of a more direct approach. Her wide-ranging nature also makes her a favored spirit of American-born Silent Striders.


  • Packmembers may all use the Gift: Messenger's Fortitude. Even without use of the Gift, they are able to traverse long distances with relative ease. (+1 Stamina while traveling.)
  • Those who follow Cougar are more agile on mountainous terrain, and in their own territories. (+1 to various related rolls.)
  • They are fierce in defense of those they consider their children or those they are responsible for, gaining an advantage in a battle in which they are directly defending children or cubs.
  • Packmembers rarely get knocked off balance or misjudge their actions, be it in combat or out of it.


  • When they choose to battle, they cannot retreat, or risk Cougar's anger. (Contrition will aid in recovering from this, but it may not solve the entire problem. Cougar can be a persistent antagonist.)
  • Cougar demands that they attempt to preserve the wilderness surrounding them, be it from Wyrm, Weaver, or mere happenstance.
  • Given her solitary nature, Cougar will not ally with a pack of more than five Garou.

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