In a setting such as ours, combat is necessarily of interest to many. The source books give mechanics for running combat, but since these rely on the use of dice to roll Attributes (such as Strength and Dexterity, which we do use) along with Abilities (such as Brawl and Dodge, which we don't), we've started with the White Wolf rules, but execute them rather differently.

The largest difference is that ideally the result is determined by agreement between the players. They should discuss any drastic actions in pages, and decide the result based on what makes the best story. After all, we are first and foremost a storytelling MUSH. It's good to keep in mind both (or all, if you have more participants!) characters' relevant Attributes, their IC experience, and their current state of well-being.

Attacks should never be posed as successful unless that has already been agreed on in pages; if you throw a knife at someone, you should never say the knife hit unless you're told by the target (either OOC or IC) that indeed it did/will.

If opponents cannot agree on a result, they can call on any available wizard or other player with GM experience who is willing to arbitrate. The decision of such an arbitrator is held to be final, though in extreme cases an appeal can be made to the wizards.

In a GMed scene, the GM is free to run combat more or less however he or she wishes; this sometimes includes using dice and estimated ability levels behind the scenes. Because of this, it's a good idea to note in your GM info any special skills or experience your character may have!

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