There are not many restrictions on code by players. We ask that players avoid code which requires very large @dolists or use of iter() on very long lists, due to the imposition they place on the server. We ask that players try to write the most efficient code possible -- feel free to ask the coding wiz for advice in this department -- and that they do not duplicate code already found in the global commands, which is already optimized as much as possible.

We do ask that players avoid placing $-commands on their person, even if they are uselocked to themselves only; such commands cause the MUSH to search each of the player's attributes whenever a nonstandard string is typed by someone in that player's location. As might be imagined, this too puts an undue beating on the MUSH. For personal commands, make an object, @locked and @lock/use'd to you, and set INHERIT (and possibly DARK) and put it in your inventory. Again, feel free to ask the coding wiz if you have any questions at all.

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