Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 5

Cockroach is quick, hardy, a survivor, and incredibly adaptable. It is a Totem of the modern age, and peeks into data streams and surfs electrical connections with ease. Individuals favored by Cockroach find it substantially easier to work with computers, electricity, almost any science, and to repair things. They also gain extra proficiency with technologically-oriented Gifts. Cockroach, being a relatively new Totem, causes his Children to lose some Honor.


  • Cockroach's children can Peek (and peer) into Realm data streams from the Umbra, thus gaining the ability to potentially view data that is (or has been) connected in some way to the internet or the electrical grid. This is not, of course, flawless, and in particular it often results in incomplete data.
  • His children become practical savants with computers, be it software or hardware. (Nothing miraculous, they're just much easier to use/repair. GM discretion on expertise.)
  • Gifts involving technology become easier to use.
  • When staying close to walls, Cockroach's children are slightly harder to hit, and when they are hit, they tend to soak up a surprising amount of damage.


  • Cockroach asks that all of its kin be spared by the pack.
  • They cannot be away from computers too long, or they will become depressed and withdrawn, losing concentration and initiative.
  • As the Garou's representatives in the Digital Web, they must seek out news of technology being used for the Wyrm's ends. Occasionally, Cockroach will send them hints of such things. (It sends this through the Web; they may manifest as seemingly coincidental discussion board posts, news stories, random rants on blogs, or any number of ways, but packmates will soon start to recognize the signs.) If the pack does not solve these issues, they will become extremely easy to target, as if there were a spotlight on them at all times.
  • Given the pack's connection to Cockroach, those who would normally have a phobia of the insect have a strange (to them) aversion to the packmates, as well.

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