Clenched Tooth (Fallen)
Location: Near the Ocmulgee Indian Mounds on the Macon Plateau, Macon, Georgia
Composition: Red Talon, Uktena, a few others
Totem: Wapiti (Eastern Elk)
Nature: Endurance (Level 1)
Sept Alpha: Short Tooth Adren Red Talon Philodox
Caern Warder: Bites the Bright Star Adren Red Talon Ahroun
OOC Information
Player Contact: Staff


Once a Croatan caern, and then shared by the Croatan and Red Talons, it fell to the Talons to maintain it. HIs earthly kin extinct for over a century, the Totem, Wapiti, is steadily losing power. The caern itself is in danger, as the Red Talons have little ability to slow the growth of the nearby city. In the past decades, there has been an influx of Uktena, and though the balance of power at the moment remains in favor of the Red Talons, it is clear that their days as the controlling influence are numbered. Already, Uktena sit in the positions of Master of the Rite and Gatekeeper.

Former ResidentsEdit

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