• Name: Sept of the Clear Waters (formerly Sweet Waters, Muddy Waters)
  • Location: Outskirts between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, on the land of a large plantation
  • Composition: Silver Fangs, Shadow Lords, Bone Gnawers, occasional Silent Striders passing through
  • Totem: Falcon
  • Nature: n/a
  • Level: n/a (assumed 2)
  • Sept Alpha: n/a
  • Caern Warder: n/a
  • Moon Bridges: n/a


Originally an Uktena caern long before Baton Rouge and Louisiana even existed, it was called the Sept of Muddy Waters, until the arrival of Spanish and French Bone Gnawers. Some fighting between the two tribes occurred, resulting in the Bone Gnawers claiming the caern.
With the Louisiana Purchase came Silver Fangs who eventually bought out the caern and surrounding area. The Bone Gnawers who had agreed to guard the land were unable to keep it in their territory, and thus the Silver Fangs dominated. Bone Gnawers were allowed to live on the land unharassed, making their way as trappers and hunters.
After the passing years saw a diminishing need for trappers and hunters, and the rising of plantations, the Silver Fangs decided this was the better idea. They outbid the Gnawers, claiming the caern and sept positions. Eventually they claimed the caern as theirs, changing the name to the Sept of Sweet Waters, under Falcon.
The end of the Civil War saw the Silver Fangs desperately trying to hold the land, but having to sell off chunks of it to fund their ultimately futile war efforts. The Wyrm devastated the area, plantations burned, and the Bone Gnawers and Silver Fangs did as much as they could to keep the caern safe.
After two World Wars, the caern continued to languish until the Shadow Lords arrived. Along with the change of the name, so was there a change in the warfront as the Silver Fangs and Shadow Lords battled each other for dominance in the sept with the Bone Gnawers caught in between. So far, the Silver Fangs are still winning... Barely.

Additional Notes: (OOC: Created Caern from Bones' background.)

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