As old as the culture of the Wendigo kin of the region, Clear Water has survived the coming of the Silver Fangs in the 18th century, the coming of the United States in the 19th, and the advent of Statehood in the 20th century. This small (25-30 member) Sept considers most of the YK Delta their protectorate. To this end, the caern itself is generally home only to the Guardian pack and Sept officers. They maintain loose ties with the Red Talons to the northeast and the Athapaskan Wendigo in the interior.

Persons of Note:

Aki Aumaq ~The Ember on the Other Side~, Alpha of the Guardian pack (Fostern Wendigo Ahroun)
Allaneq Il'quq ~Stranger to Thought~, Beta of the Guardian pack (Fostern Wendigo Galliard)


The Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers dominate the landscape of Yukon Delta. The rivers form a treeless, wetland plain, an intricate maze of lakes, ponds, and meandering streams. Bordering the expanse of tundra and wetlands are 2.5 million acres of forest and shrub habitat, and uplands sporting mountains more than 4000 feet high.
At the base of one of these mountains, along its western edge, lies a spring fed lake of clear water. The mountain itself seems to jut directly skyward from the edge of the lake, but at the southern end the climb is more gradual, and a faint, well maintained trail can be found. Most of the mountain is covered by low growing willow bushes, though about halfway up these begin to thin. A large clearing sports a cairn of stones. At the edge of the clearing, almost hidden amidst the willows, lies the entrance to a small cave.
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