Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 6

City Father (or mother) is an incarnae who represents a large city. The Glass Walkers only recently discovered this totem, in the 1950s. The totem tends to appear as an anthropomorphic representation of their city--New Orleans might be a southern belle, New York a dapper yank, etc. To date, only a few City Fathers have been discovered, and the Walkers continue to debate whether every city does in fact have such a spirit; Those Glass Walkers fortunate to fall under his patronage are considered particularly fortunate by their tribe.


  • Gift: Attunement.
  • Followers of City Father gain an instinctive knowledge of the city, what is sold where, civil goings-on etc.
  • Periodically, citizens who love the city may come to the aid of the pack.


  • City Father periodically asks favors of those who pack under him. Should they refuse, his patronage will be withdrawn. Generally, these favors have to do with the general welfare of the city.

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