• Name: Chulash, ~Holds-the-Lightning-Branch~
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Homid
  • Auspice: Theurge
  • Tribe: Silent Striders
  • Rank: Cliath
  • Date of Birth: 18 years old at arrival
  • Packs: n/a
  • Positions: Silent Striders Beta


  • Creation Date: Apr 28 2009
  • Creation Rank: Cliath
  • Departure Date: Sep 26 2009

Notes: Serious shaman-type whose odor is about as distinctive as his accent. Distant, but not necessarily unfriendly. Has aligned with the Pure Ones to some degree, avoids Weaver-tech stronger than bows and stone tools. Spends much of his time at the Caern while he's here.

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