• Name: Christina Lee Joseph
  • Former Names: Pocket Rocket, Mightymouse
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Human
  • Tribe: Bone Gnawer and Silent Strider bloodlines
  • Positions: Biker chick, fitness and dance instructor, former gang member, specialist courier (for those occasions when you don't want to be worried about the bothersome paperwork)


  • Creation Date: September 2008
  • Departure Date: n/a

Notes: The Joseph family hail from Detroit, where they have long kept an open house for any Garou moving through the area. Driven out of town by a turf war between the Black Spiral Dancers and the local vampire population, the family had to abandon their large old house and are now scattered down the West Coast. Charlie rolled up to St. Claire on a road-worn black Honda sports tourer just a few short months ago, with her older brother, his wife and two children in tow. Charlie lost no time about getting in touch with her Garou relatives in town, and it wasn't long before she formed a long-term attachment to the Bone Gnawer Ahroun Basil.

Charlie's streetwise and tough-talking, generous towards friends and family, outgoing and hard working. Despite her petite appearance she's tough as old boots, with a dogged determination that the unkind could readily lable as bull-headed stubbornness. She's hot-tempered and quick with insults or fists if you get on her wrong side, but get on her good side and you have lifelong loyal friend.

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