Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 4

Chimera is the Totem of the Many Faces, the Lady of Mirrors, the ever-changing. To the Greeks she is a complex creature, a blending of goat, lion, and snake; to others, she is as she wishes to be seen. She exists for dreams, puzzles, and other spiritual questions. In the Umbra, she gives her Children the ability to disguise themselves as something or someone else. Individuals favored by Chimera find the difficulty of riddles, enigmas, and finding things reduced. They gain additional skill with Gifts involving perception, enigmas, and inner wisdom. Chimera is a very widely-respected Totem, increasing the Pack's reputation for Wisdom.


  • Suiting Chimera's changing nature, her children may disguise themselves as something or someone else when in the Umbra.
  • They often receive complex (not to say confusing) dreams which, if they interpret them correctly, can foretell of danger or distress or possibly of new ways of thinking.
  • When in the proper state of contemplation, they have a strong ability to decipher dreams, riddles, puzzles, and other things which confuse others, particularly questions of the spirit.
  • In the Umbra, they are more perceptive than in the Realm. (+1 Perception)


  • Chimera will not visit her children (and will not lend them her disguises) if they do not seek enlightenment; more specifically, they must go on a journey of the mind, either together or separately, once a month, seeking new perspectives and ideas. And once a season, they must, preferably together, foray into Dream.
  • Chimera encourages her children to encourage others to contemplate the mysteries; they are often teachers and seekers. If they are not spreading Chimera's nature, they will dream true less often.

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