Children of Gaia Tribal Glyph

The desperate keepers of the balance, the Children are the lone song of peace and caring in a world of coldness and war. Protectors of all life, the Children seek a happy medium between the needs of the homids and the needs of the Garou. The vision of the Children is a world free of the Wyrm, where animal, human, and Garou exist in a balanced ecosystem. To this end, the Children have even discussed the forbidden prospect of breaking the Veil, in a desperate attempt to mediate between the two peoples before it is too late.

The Children of Gaia ranged across the world, taking the living example of the forgiveness of Gaia wherever they went. Their mission proved very difficult; many failed. Others gave in to Rage and lost sight of their goals. But many more maintained the Peace of the Goddess, sowing peace and accord among Garou and humans. They are ardent peacemakers, out to unify all of the Garou tribes. Their greatest accomplishment was ending the Impergium, which they had accurately predicted would haunt the Garou as long as they lived. They mingled freely in the human population, teaching the lessons of the goddess through love, kindness, and compassion. Many humans took comfort in the Garou teachings and patterned their own behavior on that of the Children.

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