If a Garou mates with another Garou, the offspring is a Metis, the deformed outcasts of society. Thus such a union is forbidden by the Litany, the Garou Law. Garou instead must mate with either humans or wolves. Not all of their children are Garou -- indeed, only about one in ten are of the blood. The rest are known as Kinfolk, immune to the Delirium, yet unable to transform. Those that are Garou, however, experience the first change around puberty. They are then quickly kidnapped into Garou Society, and taught the Way. They will undergo a Rite of Passage before entering fully into Garou Society, often a deadly and harsh ceremony. Lately, more and more adults have been found of the blood that have repressed it. These Lost Cubs are actively sought out, and there is always great joy upon finding them.

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