Simple rules of thumb for those who are really interested in playing out nine months of pregnancy:

  • Garou who mate with Garou produce Garou Metis offspring every time.
  • Garou who mate with either humans or wolves produce Garou offspring one time in ten. The child of human and Garou, if Garou, is of the Homid breed in all cases. The child of wolf and Garou, if Garou, is of the Lupus breed in all cases. For consistency's sake, it is requested that you contact the wizcorps if your character is going to be giving birth anytime soon. The decision as to which children end up Garou and which do not is a random one, and one which will be made by the wizards in all cases.
  • Wolves generally give birth to litters of 6-8 pups. Not all the pups will survive to adulthood. A female Garou must remain in Lupus form for the entire 63 days of gestation if she wishes to give birth to Lupus pups. Please speak with the Wyld wizard if you wish to give birth to Lupus pups.
  • Garou females intending to breed with a wolf should read Ways of the Wolf by White Wolf. This is highly recommended.
  • Unlike wolves, Garou females do not go into season.
  • Kinfolk mating with Kinfolk can produce a Garou. Again, the decision will be made by the wizards in all cases.
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