• Name: Charlotte Jerusalem-Jones
  • Gender: Female
  • Tribe: Kinfolk, Glass Walker (?)
  • Date of Birth: c1972
  • Packs: None
  • Positions: Medical Student, Hilliard Memorial Hospital


  • Creation Date: c1993
  • Departure Date: c1994/5


Charlotte Jerusalem-Jones was a British medical student studying at the Hospital and St. Claire City University as part of her degree. She stumbled into the world of the Garou quite by chance, insisting on helping to treat the wounded when she thought they were human and they thought she was Erin's kinfolk. An evangelical Christian, she wasn't really a good fit with Garou society, at one point introducing her tribe as "Children of Christ", to the disguised amusement of Lara-Anne, her Children of Gaia friend and protector.

Her strong faith in a conservative form of Christianity and exceptional willpower allowed her to cope with the strange world about her including the machinations of Valentine. And her open and friendly nature helped her friends to cope with her faith.

These friends amongst the Garou included Cindi and Porthos, as well as Toxic. A close kinfolk friend was killed just as they were beginning to become something more. After his funeral, she decided not to look for another intercalated year in St. Claire.

She survived to return home to Wales, and has occasionally returned to visit friends.

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