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A charach is a term for a garou who has sexual relations with another garou, which is expressly forbidden by the first point of the litany. This is because sexual relations between two fertile garou give rise to the possibility of creating a metis child. How garou treat a charach, and determine if a garou is a charach, varies greatly between the tribes:

Bone Gnawers and Children of Gaia are considered the most liberal, often turning a blind eye if there's no chance of metis children. When there is a chance of metis, or a metis is actually produced, punishments from these tribes are often very light. There's often only a negligible, if any, stigma attached to being a charach.

Wendigo, Red Talons and Fianna are considered to be the most harsh on Charaches, imposing very stiff punishments for any relation between any garou, regardless if there's the possibility of metis or not. It's not unknown for a Wendigo sept to stone a charach of low rank to death, or a Red Talon sept to tear the offender apart. Already punished charaches from other septs or tribes are often treated incredibly poorly, if acknowledged at all.

The majority of the other tribes fall somewhere between the two extremes in varying degrees. Some Black Furies won't consider same-sex relations as charaching, for example, though they will punish opposite sex couples readily. Some Glass Walkers believe in firm, though not overwhelming, punishment, but after the punishment, treat the Charach in a fairly moderate manner. Some Get of Fenris are known to force the parents to eat the metis child if it dies on them, to make sure their 'shame remains with them.'

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