The Changing Leaves make their base in the forests of Raven Rock Park, but also aid in the reintroduction and breeding programs of red wolf conservation programs in the southeast, as well as forest and wetlands preservation.
As far as tribal politics go, the Shadow Lords have been trying to gain a better foothold and influence local Garou movements. They share a deep-seated rivalry with the Furies of the sept, differing mainly on what actions and programs to promote and how to ensure the safety and secrecy of the caern's protectorate. The conflict between the rivalling tribes escalated to a high point, when it was discovered that two young Shadow Lords, in their attempt to tip the powerscales in their tribe's favor, murdered a strong standing Fury named Amarante Sardelis. In the process, they also killed her mate, a Shadow Lord kin, Bernard Saitoh Syuusuke. The pair of conspirators have since been discovered and punished with the Rite of the Lone Wolf and exiled for their troubles.
The native tribes are largely non-existant, but the occassional Uktena or Silent Strider does pass through.
A fair ranging Kinfolk network communicates and bases itself through Raleigh. All Kinfolk are treated with a decent respect, though they have their fair share of Garou-Kin troubles.

Persons of Note:

Wheldon Smith ~Fights-Fire-With-Fire~, Fostern Metis Children of Gaia Ahroun - Master of the Challenge/Keeper of the Land

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