Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 7

The Centaur is a creature of two worlds, man and beast, cultured and uncultured, wise and wild. She benefits from the combination of these two worlds greatly, but is likewise prone to the pitfalls and problems of both. As much as she is kind, nurturing, and possessing of a deep and rich sylvan knowledge, so is Centaur prideful, indulgent, and violent. The children of Centaur thus share in this dual nature, receiving more benefits than from a typical totem, but also shouldering a greater burden than most.

At her core, however, Centaur is a Wyld-aligned spirit of freedom in all of its forms, and an avid protector and advocate for the wilderness. As reflected in her dual nature, she prefers the secluded darkness of the virgin forest as much as the open air of unspoiled, rolling plains, and she exults in the spirit of life and living. So too will her children share in her joy.

Given her prideful nature, Centaur finds no need for human speech, despite her human head, and speaks only the language of spirits (and rarely, Mother's Tongue) to those not of her brood.


  • The great centaur Chiron's ability to use medicine, salves, and unguents to heal and banish sickness is legendary; one child of Centaur at a time may use the Bastet Gift: Banish Sickness.
  • Centaur has always been heralded as master of archery, and so gifts this knowledge to one child at a time, who may make ranged attacks at -1 difficulty.
  • Understanding of the whims and ways of the natural world, Centaur blesses all of her children with sylvan knowledge, providing them +1 die to all rolls involving (non-technological) hunting, tracking, navigation, survival, and the playing of stringed/piped/vocal instruments.
  • Gaining insight into the nature of duality and how beast and man can function in unity, all of Centaur's children gain an intuitive nature of shifting (effectively adding +2 primal urge for shifting rolls), and may share in Centaur's violent tendencies to pull from a pack pool of 3 rage for purposes of rage-shifting only.
  • Once per moon cycle, a child of centaur may meditate upon the stars and catch a glimpse into the tidings of the universe. Doing so allows a spirit of prophecy to momentarily join with her mind, speaking through her. However, to do so, the child must have previously indulged in some vice, and then successfully walked away without frenzy; doing so primes and opens the mind to greater truth.
    • This spirit is always aligned with whatever constellation is meditated upon. This ability may only be used by one pack member per month.
  • While a totem of Wisdom, Centaur is well-known for her violence and viciousness when it comes to protecting the natural world, and so is viewed as a fairly glorious totem. Black Furies, Red Talons, and Ahrouns in particular will respect the children of Centaur.


  • Though they strive to replicate Chiron's image and legacy, centaurs remain prone to hedonism and indulgence, wildness and carousing. Children of Centaur thus must enjoy life in Centaur's honor once a week. To aid her children in this, alcohol and other means of imbibing (always) affects them more than normal Garou.
  • Whenever alcohol or any other method of imbibing is present, regardless of situation or former proclivities, a child of Centaur must roll willpower or carelessly indulge. If a child of Centaur does indulge and wishes to prematurely stop, she must make a frenzy check.
  • Due to their new Dionysian connection, whenever a child of Centaur would need to make a willpower roll to resist temptation, pacify themselves, or otherwise act in an orderly and cultured manner, she does so at +1 difficulty. Frenzy checks due to instances of lust, passion, hedonism, and revelry are made at -1 difficulty.
  • Centaur is a spirit of freedom in all of its many nuances, and so her children must also be free (as above, with indulgence, but also physically). Children of Centaur feel easily claustrophobic, and temporarily lose the ability to shift if ever bound or caged.
  • A Wyld-aligned spirit, children of Centaur must respect and protect the wilderness, and are obliged to include such an area in their territory.
  • While a totem of Wisdom, Centaur is looked down upon for her wild and unpredictable nature, and so is viewed as a fairly dishonorable totem. Silver Fangs, Philodox, and other Garou who hold Honor in the highest esteem will not look well upon the children of Centaur.

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