• Name: The Honourable Cedric Glazebrook St.Mawr Ambermere. ~Strikes-As-Suddenly-As-Lightning-From-A-Clear-Sky~. Usually Cedric Ambermere and ~Lightning~ for short.
  • Former Names: As a cub, ~Rough-or-Smooth~. As a cliath, ~Gambles-With-Wyrm-And-Wins~. (Both offscreen.)
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Homid
  • Auspice: Galliard
  • Tribe: Silver Fangs
  • Rank: Fostern (2)
  • Date of Birth: 4th March 1982
  • Positions: None presently


  • Creation Date: 12th September 2006
  • Creation Rank: Fostern (2)
  • Departure Date: N/A

Notes: Youngest son of a British earl, too good-looking and chivalrous to be true, Cedric has recently arrived at the Sept of the Hidden Walk following various wanderings across North America, and before that, a youth and early career in London and environs during which he notched up more publicity, due to his birth, his handsomeness and his propensity for excessive and riotous behaviour in public as a teenager, than most garou would consider advisable.

Upon his arrival he joined the pack Havoc, becoming its Beta to Nike who defeated him in a straight fight for Alpha, and purchased Fairbanks House, just off the bawn. Importing his kinfolk butler Lucey he lived a fairly comfortable existence there for some time.

In recent months, however, things have been less bright for the handsome nobleman. He earned the enmity of, and a battlescar from, Laora of the Fianna, in a dispute over klaives; and worse, he welcomed into the sept, and even allowed to reside at his house, Roxanne Rasolnikov, who claimed to be Silver Fang kin but who proved to be a plant from the Black Spiral Dancers. This compromised many of the sept's safehouses and left Cedric's stock a good deal lower than it had been. At present, his future must be in doubt, especially now that the former Silver Fang elders, Blackriver and Derrick Herr, have both returned to town.

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