Once, they were wild and roamed the face of Gaia freely. Now the Wendigo wage a struggling battle to retain their ways and lands. With each loss, the Wendigo rage harder and their hearts grow colder. Haunting the deep wilderness, the Wendigo are masters of the wilds; few others can detect a Wendigo in his chosen homeland before it would be too late.

Since the coming of the European Garou and settlers to the Americas, the Wendigo have engaged in guerilla and open warfare in the effort to preserve their ancestral heritage. In the centuries of lies and massacre, the Wendigo howled in grief at the loss as territory was forcefully invaded by Wyrmcomer Garou, and their kin died in countless numbers to diseases and merciless slaughter. Now, the Wendigo save what they can, remaining true to its roots by mating only with those of Native American or wolf blood. They frown at the Uktena for forsaking the native heritage and polluting it with those outside the bloodlines.

Wendigo himself lends his strength to his tribe. Long ago, the spirit was peaceful. It was seeing the death of the Croatan and suffering of innumerable natives and wolves, that turned the spirit's good nature murderously cold and froze his heart. The War-spirit is ruthless, and stories tell of his gruesome, cannibalistic devouring of the hearts of his enemies. His war is waged with terrible strength of the North Wind, and echoed in the fierce, proud ways of the Wendigo.

Below are the past and present PCs of the Wendigo tribe.

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