The Uktena dive deep into the occult and hidden mysteries. Unlike the Stargazers, the Uktena are the dark side of the coin, where their history, rituals and knowledges are kept to an eclectic few. Many Garou tribes feel that the Uktena have bred dark hungers, treading too closely to the Wyrm in their quests for secrets; the Uktena themselves remain tight-lipped.

As one of the Pure Ones, the Uktena bear a history alongside the Wendigo and Croatan tribes. These three tribes were once said to have migrated across a land bridge of ice and settled the Americas, where the Uktena took up much of the southern deserts and jungles. Deep in the wilds, they communed with spirits and bound the powerful Banes they found before disaster could strike. When the Wyrmbringers came with their slaves and dispossessed, the Uktena took in these cast aways and made them part of their own. Though their native blood may have weakened, the Uktena cared for them and learned the lores and secrets of the many cultures that assimilated into the tribe.

The tribe's patron spirit is one that shares in the same name. The totem of Wisdom has been depicted in legends as a mythical animal blended with a cougar's head and forepaws, deer's antlers, snake's body, and eagle's wings. Other times, Uktena has been known to take on the shapes of dragons from all over the world in variations of the powerful winged serpents. Uktena is said to have a desire for mystic secrets, and His Children similarly share in their totem's seeking nature.

Below are the past and present PCs of the Uktena tribe.

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