Theurge: Crescent Moon; SeerEdit

The crescent moon shines like a blade. In its light, the Theurge, seer of the Garou, makes her peace with the spirit world. No other Garou is so attuned to the Umbra. No other auspice shares her insight into the paths and perils of the spirit Realms. --2nd ed WWtA Corebook, p.89

Theurges are the spiritual guides for the Garou, born under the crescent moon auspice. They are the mystics, and like shamans of human culture, they can be and often are regarded as mysterious, aloof, yet visionary. Their capabilities to heal or harm the spirit are quite fearsome. Of all the Garou capable of divining uncanny insight into the true nature of the spirit world, the Theurge is the regarded as the best.

Below are listed past and present characters of the Theurge auspice.

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