Of all the tribes, the Stargazers have held a place as some of the most philosophical and enigmatic of all Garou. They travel all over the world and to realms beyond the physical, seeking enlightenment and harmony with Gaia. They are known for their mystic and sometimes uncanny serenity, being masters of the body, mind and spirit in a sense that few other tribes understand. Out of this mastery, they have been able to develop a martial art known as Kailindo, which utilizes a Garou's abilities and awareness of form and spirit, transforming it into a graceful and effective fighting style.

The Stargazers come from lands of the Far East, where it is not the Garou Nation, but the Beast Courts of the Hengeyokai that reign. The disturbing rumors of Wyrm assault on their caerns have led the tribe to recall all their members back to those areas and formally withdraw from the Garou Nation. It is a considerable loss - one that some claim to be yet another sign of the fast approaching End Times. Despite the withdrawal, some Stargazers remain in other parts of the world, seeking their own wisdom and individual commitments. These Garou do not choose their path lightly, and neither do they forget the ultimate mission of protecting Mother Gaia.

Given the nature of the Stargazers to be idealistic seekers of wisdom, it is no surprise that their patron totem is the great Chimera, whose shifting form can take the shape of many beasts assimilated into one. The striving for enlightenment and awareness has called her favor upon them, and the Lady of Mirrors in turn shares deep secrets and insights with the tribe's members.

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