Listen to the old legends, and there will undoubtedly be a Silver Fang representing the paragon of a Garou hero - a noble and true, wise and generous leader. According to their legends, the First Tribe (as they are apt to call themselves) were directly descended from the Progenitor Wolf. No other tribe holds contention for being as pure in blood, and the Fangs believe it is by this purity that they've inherited the right to rule over all Garou tribes. Through careful breeding, the Silver Fangs have preserved their heritage and passed them down through nobility and power in both human and wolf lines.

However, this overly selective mating and fanaticism in keeping the blood pure has led to inbreeding. As a result, hardly a Silver Fang and even their kin escapes the consequences; fewer and fewer cubs are being born to the noble lines, and more and more traits of madness have shown up in the tribe's dwindling numbers. Other Garou tribes, though all recognize the nobility of the Silver Fangs, claim that the First Tribe is increasing in weakness and perhaps it is time for the leadership of the Nation to change hands. Despite the contention for power, the Silver Fangs still find themselves often looked to in times when leadership is needed, and they are all too eager to answer the call.

Falcon flies above the Silver Fangs. As a totem of respect, the raptor spirit symbolizes the loyalty and honor which the Fangs prize. So long as the Fangs have Falcon's favor, it seems that they will be able to keep the leadership of the Garou Nation within their grasp.

Below are past and present PCs of the Silver Fangs tribe.

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