Traveling down the darkest roads, the Silent Striders are vagabonds and wanderers of the Garou Nation. This status is not necessarily by choice, but by tragedy and an ancient curse from a vampire. Though they hold no permanent homes, the Striders are the keepers of prophecies and dark secrets, some of which are purposefully untold to the rest of the Garou tribes.

This mysterious tribe hailed from the lands of Africa and more specifically, Egypt, where they were said to descend from jackals and desert wolves. A horrible miscalculation in the war against a powerful vampire named Set cost the Striders their homeland and their heritage. From that day onward, the tribe was cursed with ghostly hauntings, exiled from their home and lost communications with the spirits of their ancestors. Since then, the Striders have walked on the outskirts of the Garou, acting as messengers and harbingers. Their travels take them to all corners of the world, hence providing the tribe with a variety of bloodlines. Some Garou superstitiously believe the arrival of a Strider is a bad omen for the sept; sometimes they are right.

Owl's bright eyes watch the gypsies of the Garou. The totem of wisdom is a ruler of the night, gifting her children with gifts for travel and ominous premonitions. Favored with this quiet spirit, the Striders pay homage to Owl's knowledge of danger, death, and the Dark Umbra.

Below are past and present PCs of the Silent Striders tribe.

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