Though they strive for leadership in the Garou Nation, the Shadow Lords are also regarded with near-universal suspicion. Considered to be cold, cunning warriors, the Lords are proud and above all, utterly ruthless. They adhere to absolute strictness of hierarchy with little tolerance for disobedience and whining. The understanding of strength in all forms is key to the Shadow Lords, which comes from a constant struggle to achieve their goals -- and they do so at any cost. Such is their path of ambition, as the Shadow Lords strive for power and victory over the Wyrm.

Though the origins of the Shadow Lords lie in Eastern Europe, they have been slipping into nations all around the world, recognizing power and intelligence in many potential targets, or even forcefully taking over weakened subjects. Other Garou tribes accuse the Shadow Lords of questionable morality, though most will grudgingly admit that they are a tribe that has done much to further the war against the Wyrm. Some, however, claim that the Shadow Lords walk too closely to the Wyrm in their lust for power; a claim vehemently denied by the Lords themselves.

Grandfather Thunder watches over the Shadow Lords, gracing his Children when they please him and crippling them harshly when they don't. The tribe's unforgiving nature is a reflection of their patron, who demands proper respect and obedience at all times. Those below the eyes of Thunder will truly feel their unworthiness in his presence. Hardly ever is the Grandfather seen; instead, a Stormcrow is sent as the spirit's black winged messenger.

Below are past and present PCs of the Shadow Lords tribe.

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