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Ronin are werewolves that are, for one reason or another, outcasts of the Garou Nation.


Most Ronin breached a tenet of the Litany too often, antagonized an elder or their pack and some even chose this life in order to escape the harsh, hierarchical society of the Garou or because they were overwhelmed by Harano. The Garou are not solitary creatures. Every instinct of human, wolf and Garou alike demands the companionship of other members of their species. As such, banishment from others of their kin is one of the most terrible judgements a Garou can face. For most tribeless Garou, it's a short and savage life unless they find a tribe willing to take them in. Commonly, those are the Children of Gaia and Bone Gnawers, though sometimes a Garou will find a new home should they prove a good fit and impress an elder suitibly.

Ronin are treated with grave suspicion by Garou of the Nation, seem as criminals by and large. Worse, they're seen as pawns being prepared for the Wyrm, as one of the harsh realities of Ronin life is that they are extraordinarily vulnerable to the Wyrm's influences. Desperation can drive even the most willful Garou to depths they never expected to descend to. Some more successful Ronin eek out a life as Hyenas, werewolves-for-hire who do the dirty jobs septs can't be bothered to waste good Garou blood on. Even more rare, several Ronin might band together in a Shame, their version of a pack though without the affiliation of a spirit patron. Even the spirits look poorly on a wolf outside the fold. 

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