Rites are an everyday part of the lives of most Garou. Unlike Gifts, they are not abilities that you turn on or off in an instant; rites require some level of preparation and forethought, and their interpretations can vary widely between ritualists (though some core components can be the same across all versions of a given rite).

In a roleplay mechanics sense, rituals will take more than one roleplay turn to prepare, perform, and complete (even Level 0 rituals); in fact most rituals will require a good portion of a scene if not an entire one. Higher level rituals will usually require more time and thought to go into them than lower level rituals, and extensive preparation time can often mean the difference between success and failure. For example, a Level 0 Ritual like Feed the Earth might be done in only 2-3 turns of roleplay, but a Level 5 such as Rite Of The Shattered Soul could take numerous scenes to prepare for and an entire scene on its own to perform.

Some rituals meant to invoke an ability can be performed on groups, but this requires a skilled ritualist, more preparation, and of course, more time. (GM and Wizard discretion.)

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