A Renunciate is a Garou who has undergone the Rite of Renunciation in order to cast aside their former tribe and/or auspice to take up a new role. Generally this is a voluntary decision with the Garou in question knowing their new place they wish to assume, commonly due to a grievous failure or error or general belief they are unfit for the position. On rare occassion, it may be 'suggested' for a troubled or troublesome Garou. This is different from the Rite of the Lone Wolf, a punishment rite which forcibly strips a Garou of tribe, lineage, and their place in Garou society to become a Ronin. Still, this Rite is never undertaken lightly. There is no going back, as members of a Garou's former tribe (and their totem spirit) or auspice are bound to look poorly on the renunciate and no spirit will teach them gifts related to their old auspice or tribe. It is the rare Garou who has the gaul to presume they know better than Luna or their blood as to what duties they should be performing. The Garou will take on a new name after the Rite and it is bad form to treat them as the person they were before. The Garou that was is now dead. 

To join a new tribe, commonly the Rite of Adoption is performed or, in lieu, a modified Rite of Passage where the renunciate appeals to the tribal totem for membership. Given the tribe they seek to join, this may be a simple or very harrowing process as they prove to their new patron they will be a faithful member of their tribe. Should they be accepted, they begin their new life as a rank 1 Cliath with the renown to match. If a Garou has ever dared to try and Renounce a second time, they are unknown. It is unlikely the Nation or the spirits would look favorably on such an unreliable Garou.

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