Where the Glass Walkers may be the epitome of a Garou's ability to embrace mankind, the Red Talons have taken up the other extreme and fully embrace the wolven side. Entirely of lupus stock (the very few metis who survive are never truly recognized), the Red Talons are masters of the wilderness and the ways of the wolf. They also hold a burning hatred of humanity to the point that some call for the reinstatement of the Impergium, the days when Garou culled the human herds.

Being lupus, the Red Talons have a mindset that is often alien from those other the other tribes. They protect the last vestiges of wilderness and the dwindling numbers of wolves across the world. With a grasp of feral instinct that no other tribe can assume, the Talons are keepers of rites, gifts and ways of living that few other Garou hope to comprehend. Like the Glass Walkers, the Red Talons are also one of the smaller tribes in the Garou Nation, with less and less cubs breeding true with each passing generation.

The Red Talons run beneath the burning eyes of Griffin. The mythical spirit formed between a combination of the King of Beasts and the King of Birds of Prey, Lion and Eagle, viciously embodies the ultimate predator. Griffin appears to few outside those born of lupus breed, and hardly ever tolerates those outside of the feral kind.

Below are past and present PCs of the Red Talons tribe.

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