Ragabash: New Moon; TricksterEdit

Annoying as he may be, the trickster is the bringer of wisdom to those who believe themselves wise. A Ragabash not only reveals that the emperor has no clothes - he dumps the pretentious snot in a puddle of mud as a lesson for other would-be kings. By undermining tradition and authority at every turn, the Ragabash keeps his fellows on their toes, teaching them the folly of self-importance and the wisdom of humility. Ironically, the trickster brings order with disorder. His pranks highlight the cracks in the sidewalk over which his packmates would otherwise trip. --2nd ed WWtA Corebook, p.88

Ragabash Garou are born on a new moon auspice. They are regarded as tricksters in the traditional sense, with their pranks and hijinx taken as acts of foolishness with hidden messages of wisdom. They are the clever jesters to the kings, asking bizarre questions with pointed lessons behind every answer. Given their mercurial ways, the ragabash Garou are sometimes thought of as the most free of all the auspices, yet few Garou who are not ragabash will truly understand their cunningly disguised burdens to the Nation.

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