Philodox: Half Moon; Keeper of the WaysEdit

As the half moon balances light and darkness, the Philodox straddles the line between wolf and man, Rage and Gnosis, passion and wisdom. The Philodox is the pack mediator, the one to whom the other Garou go for advice or a fair resolution to disputes. His honor is usually beyond question. As judge, lawgiver and Master of Challenges, the Philodox is without peer. --2nd ed WWtA Corebook, pp.89-90

Philodox Garou are born on the half moon auspice. Most often, they are looked to as the best tribal leaders in times of peace and are regarded highly for their sense of diplomacy. Their chief roles among the Garou are to act as a keeper of traditions and balance. They stress the connection between extremes, wherein Garou are both human and wolf, flesh and spirit. Despite being pillars of the society they hold close, philodox Garou often find that balance in the tumultuous world in the Last Days is a thin and dangerous tightrope to walk upon.

Below are listed past and present characters of the Philodox auspice.

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