Metis Garou are the product of two Garou who mate. They are, each and every one, cursed with some deformity that impairs them, physically, mentally and socially, and on top of that all Metis are sterile. Metis are often seen as a symbol of the Mother's displeasure for Garou mating with Garou, and are called impure or defiled from birth.

Traditional Garou do not tolerate metis within their ranks, but in the Last Days their numbers have grown. The fact that many Black Spiral Dancers are also of metis breed only furthers their social stigma. They are seen as Veil breaches from the moment they are born due to their being born in Crinos form, and are further cursed with their deformities. Even if they are capable of supernaturally healing in all forms, they are equally cursed to be vulnerable to silver in all forms.

Metis Garou who are given the chance to live and are raised amongst Garou can and do quickly learn to think abstractly like humans, but do so in a skewed society due to their natural form having a wolf's senses. Amongst the Garou, it is thought that the metis have a particularly unique insight into Garou society, and are thus able to spark interesting philosophical debates amongst Garou and their ways. Though they are capable of many things, metis are often seen as lesser Garou or the omega, lowest of the ranks even among similarly ranked peers of other breeds. For a metis, their lives are normally begun and ended with near-constant suffering.

  • Initial Gnosis: 3
  • Beginning Gifts: Create Element, Sense Wyrm, Shed
  • Deformity: All Metis characters must choose at least one deformity upon creation. These deformities impair a metis in some form or fashion.

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