A Lost Cub is a cub who either was not Baptised in time, or the Kinfetch spirit was unable to reach a knowledgeable Garou before, during, or after the cub underwent his/her First Change.

As a result, if the cub is found and taken in by the Garou, they remain of unknown tribe until an elder of one of the tribes decides to adopt the cub into their tribe and teach them the ways.

Lost Cubs are becoming more and more common in the Last Days as Garou parents sometimes die or abandon their partners, or Kinfolk run off, or Garou choose to have relations with humans rather than Kin. Disturbingly, many Lost Cubs may not even find their way into Gaian Garou hands, instead winding up taken by Black Spiral Dancers for the Wyrm's ranks. Gaian Garou desperately try to find these young Garou before that happens.

Listed on this page are characters who were at some point a Lost Cub.

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