These are for the characters that Player Characters (PCs) have in play due to their background points. This list is for GM purposes, One-Night-Only Scenes, and potential play. If you are going to use the NPC Kinfolk, please contact the game contact first for approval.

Full Name Game Contact Occupation Breed Gender Note
Jane Doe Permabot Street Walker Human Female This is just an example
Ginea Finch Foxling Depressed Mother Human Female Heather's mother, who is constantly abused by Heather's alcoholic father.
Jade Joseph Charlie Hairdresser Human Female Charlie's sister-in-law. Lives on Regan Avenue. Special rates for Family haircuts/extensions/dyes (basic trim free, small moons only please).
The Joseph Family, a.k.a. Charlie's Kinswarm Charlie Gnawer/Strider kinfolk family in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and California Human Male and female Charlie's clued-in family, originally based in Detroit. She has five brothers, two sisters, and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. One of her brothers, his wife Jade and their two small children live in St. Claire. If you need a Strider or Gnawer kin, a place to crash while on the road, or have to move out of town to somewhere in a hurry, the Josephs are known for their hospitality.

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