Humans are the dominant species on the face of Gaia. They are for the most part completely unaware of the supernatural occurrences happening all around them in daily life, but on occasion those supernatural events catch up to them. When that happens, they have few other choices but to accept and adapt, or to forcibly try to deny the existence of such things.

For normal humans, there is an irreconcilable effect when they see a Garou in Crinos form, called the Delirium, said to have spawned when the Garou once underwent a systematic culling and management of Mankind called the Impergium. Humans also experience a primal fear of the predator nature and Rage within every Garou; this effect is called the Curse, and is often the source of the alienation of Garou from humankind.

Below are characters who are considered human/non-supernatural. Kinfolk can be found in Category:Kinfolk.

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