Homid Garou are those who are born of human breeding. They are raised either knowing or unknowing of their Garou nature, and the First Change happens around the times of when youths change to adults - puberty. For those who are brought up unknowing, it may come as a shock to the system to discover that not only is the teenager living in a world where the supernatural is real, but also to be one of those monsters that go bump in the night.

For the unfortunates who get lost in the fray, they may wander aimlessly in search of souls to relate to until they go mad. Or worse. For those born of homid breed who are fortunate enough to have had a Kinfetch attached to them at a Baptism of Fire, that human-turned-werewolf becomes the newest initiate into the Garou ranks as a cub.

Homid born Garou are the most prevalent of three breeds, given the number of humans and Kinfolk that are available to reproduce with the Garou. Being raised in the human ways, however, their connection to the wild and Gaia's primal essence is thinned or blocked early on, and languishes in the tangled complications of society.

Below are the past and present PCs of homid breed.

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