In the days when Man first garnered the Weaver's ability to form and shape, the Glass Walkers were there to watch and guide. This tribe has had many names as it adapted to the world, and more specifically the city. They embrace the Weaver along with the technology, patterns, and systems that reside in her weavings. In short, the Glass Walkers see themselves as the most adaptable of all Garou to a world increasingly covered with the Weaver's webs. They are able to walk and talk amongst mankind much more comfortably than the other tribes, though they are often scorned for it.

Despite the disdain, the Glass Walkers find their strength in the city. Where the Bone Gnawers spread through the city low-class, the Walkers have found themselves in the niche in the societies above. Where other Garou see a web-frozen landscape of death, they see a pattern alive with activity and life. They are the keepers of the city, battling vampires, the Wyrm, and other forces that few other Garou are present to oppose. Despite, or perhaps because of, their great success in adapting to the city, the Glass Walkers have largely lost touch with their wolven heritage, which has lead to less and less cubs breeding true, making them one of the smaller tribes in the Garou Nation, a fact which some Glass Walker Elders have begun to recognize and attempt to remedy.

Because of their adaptability, it was Cockroach who chose to favor the Glass Walkers. Despite the tribe being oft-criticized as too much of the Weaver, Glass Walkers are quick to point out that their totem is a spirit of the Wyld.

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