The Get of Fenris are strong fighters for Gaia that give no quarter in battle. They are often considered the fiercest warriors out of all the tribes, usually the first to charge into war against the Wyrm or any other foe. They pride themselves on physical strength and martial prowess, and love the rage of battle. This zeal can often turn other Garou against them, seeing the Get as too warmongering and unable to deal with a situation through peaceful means. The Fenrir in return often view other tribes as weak or cowardly.

The Get of Fenris hail from Europe -- Germany, Scandinavia, Iceland, and other lands of the cold north. Their stories often coincide with Norse legends and tales of Vikings and other warrior tribes that sailed the seas and wreaked havoc on coastal villages. The Get hold long feuds with some rival Garou tribes, particularly the Black Furies (who often view male Get as chauvinists) and Fianna, due to past conflicts over territory in Britain. The native Garou tribes also view the Get as part of the Wyrmbringer invasion that devastated America, and hence dislike them as well.

As their name implies, the Get of Fenris follow the totem spirit Fenris, whose legend lies in Norse mythology. The giant wolf was challenged by the gods, bound with chains which he broke easily, and then tricked into being bound by a magical chain. In revenge, Fenris bit off the hand of the god of war, Tyr. The demands of Fenris thus lie in never failing to stand up to a challenge, meeting any foe eye for eye on the battlefield.

Below are the past and present PCs of the Get of Fenris tribe.

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