Galliard: Gibbous Moon; Moon DancerEdit

As Luna grows pregnant with Rage, she bids the Moon Dancer to sing her songs of battle and past glories. Heeding the call, the Galliard raises her voice against the night, summoning inspiration and fortune with her clear, perfect howl. ... Passion is the Galliard's birthright. --2nd ed WWtA Corebook, p. 90

Galliard Garou are born on the gibbous moon auspice. They are the lorekeepers, storytellers, entertainers and providers of morale boosts when spirits are low. Their duties are to sing tales old and new, and to pass on the news; it is a tougher responsibility than most others give them credit for, especially when one takes into account that howling and oral traditions are the most time-honored traditions of Garou society. That said, Galliards are also fearsome warriors in battle, filled with the Rage and passion of the battle. When commands need to cross entire fields clearly, or urgent messages have to be passed on in impossible situations, count on the Galliard to get the communication across.

Below are listed past and present characters of the Galliard auspice.

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