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Regarded as general leaders of the Garou, Fosterns are those who have successfully challenged for rank and earned the right to be called so. These Garou are those who have experience and show the potential necessary to guide those below them on to greater things, battle or otherwise.

If cliaths are the rank-and-file, then fosterns are the officers, those who are looked to for guidance and direction in times of need. Quite often, they are considered elders by the time they reach this rank or have served as pack alphas and/or betas, participated in renown-acquiring events, and have displayed the maturity and level-headedness of a leader.

Stat Gains for Fostern (starting from cliath base):

  • Attributes: +1 point to any category
  • 1 point to either Rage, Gnosis or Willpower
  • 1 level 2 Gift
  • 2 points of Totem background (1 per level rank)

Below are the past and present PCs of Fostern rank.

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