Claiming Celtic origins, the Fianna are a proud tribe known for their strong passion for life, song, and drink. Many other tribes see them sometimes as too passionate and too wild, while others appreciate the Fianna's songs. They are amongst the oldest of the Garou tribes. They are very close with their Kinfolk, and a major tragedy the Fianna have had to experience was the fall of their neighbors and allies, the White Howler tribe. As a result, the Fianna hold a fierce hatred for the Black Spiral Dancers that they became.

Though many a Fianna's roots lie in Ireland, they are not limited to that country alone. Bordering countries Scotland, Wales and the UK, as well as any place Europeans have colonized are fair game to have had Fianna blood penetrate the nations. The Fianna's songs are full of great deeds and heroic tales, as well as bitter battles and angry rivalries with other Tribes whose kin and kind have fought against the Fianna. Particularly, the Fianna and Get have a longstanding rivalry (though one that shares a measure of mutual respect, as well), and of course the grudge that the "Pure Tribes" (Wendigo and Uktena) hold against the Fianna and other European Garou, whom they consider to be "the Wyrmbringers".

The Fianna are a proud tribe. The tribe follows Stag, an ancient nature spirit that embodies the masculine aspect of nature, the cycle of life and death, as well as the Wyld Hunt. The Fianna are often said to be connected to the Fair Folk, and a rare few even have a touch of Fae blood in them.

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