Cubs are the newest initiates to the Garou Nation. They are largely unaware of the society they've been introduced to, but must undergo a form of boot camp training to learn the ways of the werewolves. In the Last Days before the Apocalypse, the diminishing number of cubs present in the world is worrying, as the Garou fear there may not be enough adept and able-bodied warriors to fight the Wyrm in the final showdown.

As a result, cubs are pushed through their training as quickly as possible, at the end of which they are then given a test known as the Rite of Passage, and should they pass this test are then given full adult status and titled with the rank of Cliath within the Garou Nation, and are recognized by the spirits as well.

Cubs who do not meet the rigorous standards of the Garou are sometimes killed (known as culling) by their elders, with the belief that their soul will speed back to Gaia and be reborn again as a truly capable warrior.

Starting Stats for Cubs:

  • Attributes: 6/4/3
  • Gifts: Breed, Tribe, Auspice at level 1 (one each) -- Note: These Gifts do not become available ICly until the cub is taught these Gifts either by their elders or by the Spirits.
  • Backgrounds: 5 points
  • Freebies: 10 points

Restricted Stats for Cubs:

  • Fetish - Cubs may not start the game with a fetish unless that fetish is specifically held by an older/elder Garou or Kinfolk and the application background justifies to the app-wizard's satisfaction what conditions are necessary for the cub to gain this fetish after Riting.
  • Resources - Cubs are normally not old enough (given that the average cub is below legal age) to merit this background unless it is justified in the application background where the assets are coming from.

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