The Children of Gaia strive for peace, but never forget that peace and war go hand in hand. They help those in need, are fierce protectors of life, and seek balance between the lives of humans and Garou. Sometimes considered too peaceful, the Coggies are nevertheless one of the more successful tribes when dealing with humans, to the point that they are considered liberal towards Garou traditions. It is said the Children of Gaia were the first ones to make a plea for the end of the Impergium.

Children of Gaia are compassionate, and like the Bone Gnawers are inclined to take in Garou rejected from other tribes. They have also spread throughout the world, and members of the Children could be of any nationality. Kinfolk networks are large as well, as the Children further their causes such as environmental protection and protection of endangered animals, or providing aid to third-world areas and rebuilding war-torn countries.

The Children of Gaia follow Unicorn. Noble and merciful, peaceful and beautiful, the mythical one-horned horse-like creature is the tribe's patron spirit that asks the Children to aid those in need that have pure intentions.

Below are the past and present PCs of the Children of Gaia tribe.

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