The Gnawers are considered the detritus of the Garou Nation, lowest of all the tribes. Bone Gnawers are an urban tribe, with its members living in slums and ghettos of cities worldwide. Often derided as more dog than wolf by other Garou and scorned for their city-loving ways, the Bone Gnawers nonetheless serve as keepers of the lower classes and protect those whom others would consider not worth the time. The Bone Gnawers come from all around the globe and their members can be of any nationality. They are also inclined to take in Garou who have been rejected by other tribes. This makes the Bone Gnawers the largest tribe of the Garou Nation in numbers.

The Gnawers might look scrawny, but are capable of living in some of the most squalid parts of the world. They rely on street smarts and razor sharp wits, often being the ones most in touch with the down and dirty underworld. Bone Gnawers do almost anything for survival, but they too prize loyalty to those they care for and tribemembers are treated like family.

As Followers of Rat, the Bone Gnawers maintain the creeds of Rat to always be able to survive, to aid its children and fight against the System. They know that strength in numbers is one of the advantages the tribe and its totem carries. Worldly and at times cynical, the Bone Gnawers believe that when the Apocalypse comes down upon the Garou, they will be amongst the Garou who will be able to live through it and succeed where other tribes have failed.

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