The Black Furies are an almost entirely female Garou tribe whose origins hail from ancient Greece, named after (or perhaps inspiring the name of) the hideous mythological monster. Furies typically dwell in areas near or in the wilderness, are strong supporters of the Wyld, but homids are also known to stake out territory within cities, often preying upon the abusive or perverted who would demoralize, defame or hurt women.

The Black Furies claim themselves as one of the oldest tribes of the Garou Nation, formed from a pack of five female Garou who came together under Luna (aka Artemis) and fought against the bias of Man against Woman. It is said Artemis charged the Furies with guarding Gaia's most sacred places, and to this day the Furies do. They are the keepers of some of the Garou's most powerful fetishes. The Furies today have spread throughout the world, and their members aid in some of the fiercest wars such as protecting the Amazon rainforests from destruction, or aiding and fighting for the subjugated women deep in the war-torn and oppressive countries in Eurasia.

The Furies follow Pegasus, the winged horse described in the legend of Bellerophon and Pegasus, where Pegasus grew enraged at Bellerophon for gelding him and thus threw his rider into the sea before returning to a Fury caern and vowing never again to bend knee to a human male.

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