For a Garou to become an Adren, they must have displayed great show of leadership on the battlefield, honor in social bounds of Garou society, and the wisdom to guide those beneath them through harsh times.

Where fosterns are regarded as officers, adrens are amongst the respected colonels, those who are able to lead many Garou. At times, an Adren will be amongst the elders of a sept with a voice on the Council of Elders. They are looked to for many things, and as such bear great responsibility to go with their power and rank.

Few Garou actually live to see themselves gain this rank; those that do are known well throughout the Garou Nation and sometimes even through the spirit world.

Stat Gains for Adren (starting from fostern base):

  • Attributes: +1 point to any category
  • 1 point to either Rage, Gnosis or Willpower
  • 1 level 3 Gift
  • 3 points of Totem background (1 per level rank)
Note: Very few applications from existing players are accepted at the Adren rank. Please consult the wizards if you wish to apply for an adren character.

Below are the past and present PCs who are Adren rank.

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