Name: Cat. Legally Elias Hopkins. No Deednames.

Former Names: Born Ezra Harper. Several documents floating around list him as Elias or Eliot. Kit-Cat to Quentin and Jeremy. Gatito to Rhiannon. For a short time was called ~Steps-Bravely~ by Catherine.

Gender: Male

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Glass Walkers

Rank: Cliath

Date of Birth: February 10th, 1989


Cat was a lost cub who was found when Rhiannon and Salem ran into him- literally, and with a Jeep. His bones mendedly almost instantly, although the mental damage he'd sustained over the 14 years of his life took much longer to repair. Thanks to the Walkers' patience he even lived through his Rite of Passage, an act that probably surprised Cat as much as it did the tribe. He spent much of his time nursing a cockroach gaffling he named Gabriel with gnosis. Then he disappeared for two and a half years, seemingly a waste of resources and effort.

Almost three years later he has resurfaced with a purpose, convinced his journey in the Umbra was akin to prophecy from the spirits. But he's still Cat. Nobody else could possibly like Dr. Pepper that much.

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